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Timothy Lang is a historian of modern Europe and has published on topics in British intellectual history. He holds degrees from Williams College, the University of London’s School of Slavonic and East European Studies, and Yale University. He has taught at Denison University, Dickinson College and, most recently, the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he directed the International Scholars Program in Commonwealth Honors College until his retirement in 2017. Work in the field of international education impressed on him the importance of global thinking for the twenty-first century and inspired many of the essays posted on this site. Publications include “Lord Acton and the Insanity of Nationality,” Journal of the History of Ideas, 63 (January 2002), and The Victorians and the Stuart Heritage (Cambridge University Press, 1995), an exploration of the role that narrative histories played in the formation of English national consciousness. He has presented papers on federalism and nationalism at conferences in Europe and the United States.